Grave Robber Necklace


‘His fascination with death drove him to become the Grave Robber.’

This pendant is a handcrafted design. The precious metal clay silver is shaped then fired to become fine silver and then oxidized for a dark antique look.

This bone pendant measures approximately 1 ¾ inches in length and dangles from a rope chain that is approximately 16 inches long. The closure is a lobster clasp.

**Please note that after wearing and coming in contact with your skin the metal of the components (even with the fine metal silver though to a different degree) will show discoloration. If you have specific requests for different metals, please contact me before making your purchase so that we may discuss the possibilities. Please also take into consideration that different metals could mean higher pricing of the item. Additionally if you have any questions please send me a message before making your purchase. Thank you for your understanding**

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