The Deadly Thorns Necklace One of a Kind


In his quest for just one rose to return to his true love, he ventured to every corner of the land. In all of his travels he found not a single rose bloom that would be beautiful enough for her. He reached the last of his hopes, but could not return to her without a gift, so he continued to wander the dead lands. But one mist filled morning he came upon a densely thorned bush, and deep within was the most beautiful rose. He had lost his weapons long ago, his hands would have to do, but he underestimated the rose bush. He struggled and pushed on, wounded with every move until finally, weak, he reached the rose. And there he remained, too weary to make his way back out of the deadly branches. Now his skeleton lies among the thorns.

This handcrafted pendant features the tangled thorny branches winding above the skull of this unlucky wanderer. The branches surround a beautiful star ruby gemstone. It is molded with PMC silver clay, then fired, oxidized and polished to reveal the haunting details. The pendant measures about 1 inch tall and about 7/8 of an inch wide. It hangs from a 15 inch gunmetal bar chain that is decorated with garnet gemstones leading to a stainless steel lobster clasp closure. There is a 2 inch extension with a garnet gemstone dangle at the end.