Woodland Orb in Moonlight Necklace


While searching in the woodlands for more orbs, daylight had begun to fade and slowly the moon began to rise. The dark of night brought the waking of nocturnal creatures, and painted everything in shadow with only slivers of the moons light shining through. Under a single ray of moonlight, new Woodland Orbs were found.

The pendant is an original design and created with silver metal clay which is dried then fired, oxidized and polished to reveal the fine details. The design features elegant vines and leaves cradling a beautiful rainbow moonstone cabochon. The pendant measures just under 1 1/2 inches tall and about 7/8 of an inch wide and hangs from gunmetal figaro chain with moonstone gemstones. The closure is a stainless steel lobster clasp. The necklace measures approximately 15 inches in length with a 2 inch extension. A magical moonstone teardrop dangles at the end of the extension.